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PolarPro PowerPole-Battery Integrated GoPro Extension Pole

PolarPro PowerPole-Battery Integrated GoPro Extension Pole

  • 5200 mAh battery built into grip
  • Dual USB ports for simultaneously charging multiple Devices
  • Extends GoPro film time up to 10 hours
  • 17 to 30 inch extension for multiple creative angles
  • Splash Proof port covers protect against light rain/snow for above water adventures
  • $69.99

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    Product Description

    The PowerPole is the world’s first battery integrated extension pole for the GoPro. Built into the pole is 5200mAh (the equivalent of 4.5 GoPro batteries) allowing you to film for up to 10 hours. This pole is constructed out of 100% aluminum from the tip to the base giving it unsurpassed durability. In addition to it’s strength it is also very lightweight weighing in at only 13 ounces. We used very high grade materials to give you an extremely high quality, feature-packed pole. The tip of the PowerPole contains two full size USB ports for charging multiple devices at a time. Splash resistant bands cover all exposed areas protecting the GoPro pole from moisture. The pole is however not waterproof and is intended for above water adventures. To charge the Gopro while filming you will need to be using the frame, or skeleton housing. The pole is compatible with the standard housing however you will not be able to plug in the charge cable with this housing.

    • Brand: Polar Pro Filters
    • Color: Black
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    • EAN: 0852678905107
    • Part Number: PWR-POLE
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    • UPC: 852678905107